Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment where students will leave empowered to protect themselves. Our unique classes not only teach personal combative self-defense but also teach gun disarming, knife defense, situational awareness, and much more. Additionally, we myth-bust common self-defense practices that don't work, as well as touch on laws related to protecting yourself.

CFAVI can accommodate both individual classes and group classes of up to 100 participants.
Students can choose either a 1-day, 8-hour class or a 10-week course that meets two times a week for two hours.


Attackers don't give warnings and often strike when victims are most vulnerable. Charles will give you the skills needed to put yourself in a situation to better defend yourself. There are countless books, videos, and training out there that simply gloss over the skills needed to save a life, but the scary reality is most lack real-life scenarios. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from a professionally trained fighter with over 15 years of police force experience.


Parents, this is a scary reality, but your children constantly remain a target for predators and attackers. Furthermore, schools may offer tons of fun electives but neglect to prepare students for the unthinkable. Put your child in a better situation and give them the knowledge and how-to when confronted. Charles has successfully trained his four kids, one who is autistic, to deal with attackers and get help. Put your children through this course, and you won't regret it. It could save a life.


In 2018 there were about 340 mass shootings. That's not including "attempted" shootings from intruders in schools, churches, hospitals, and public events. This is our world today, and the best we can do is take precautions and know the right way to react to give ourselves the best chance of getting out of harm's way. This class is for anyone and should be taught to everyone. We hope you NEVER have to use these tips, but they will ensure your safety.


If you work in any area of business where you meet on-site with "potential clients," this is a training you MUST have. Do not be a soft target for a crime by appointment. Attackers have gotten creative and will take advantage of remote locations where you find yourself alone. Learn some tips on how to protect yourself and eliminate the chance of exposing yourself to being taken advantaged of. Work is stressful enough, and dealing with an attacker will come when you least expect it.


The most valuable asset at any company is human capital. Without your workers, your office's operations cannot get done. Protect your employees and give them the tools to identify and neutralize threats with proper striking techniques, signals to look out for, and weapon defense.